Have you ever tried to make popcorns or bread at home? It seems curious, but WEARLIGHT materials have a production process very similar to the popular popcorn or common bread. At the beginning of everything there is a wise dosage of the several elements (mainly modified E.V.A. and engages of light rubbers), mixed in such proportions to obtain the desired features; then through injection technology, the mix is introduced in the mold in order to be glazed at temperatures close to 200°C (390 F°) (technically this is the stage of reticulation of the polymer!).

After 7/8 minutes the mold opens quickly and the obtained piece jumps out exploding and almost double-size the mold that shaped it!

Then, while cooling down, the produced piece slowly reduces till getting the real and final size of the object.

This delicate reduction process takes 24 hours: the first two hours inside an isothermal room tared to around 18°C (65°F) with a maximum variation of 2-3 degrees, while during the remaining hours the object is left at room temperature, taking care of avoiding extreme thermal conditions (this is the reason why our establishment has systems of ground radiant heating in winter and adiabatic evaporative cooling in summer).