In order to guarantee constant production quality standards, we continuously submit our products to internal laboratory tests to monitor

  • different technical features (hardness, flexibility, density, resistance to abrasion and laceration, etc.) together with field testing, often using or wearing personally the new products. Among the main technical requirements of the different compounds there are:
  • Resistance to abrasion (from 120 N/mm3 to 500N/mm3).
  • Low hardness (from 26 Shore-A to 65 Shore-A).

  • Good grip on both dry and wet surfaces ( coefficient of friction 0.52 on dry surfaces 0.47 on wet surfaces with a minimum required standard of 0.30).
  • Excellent memory return (up to 79% with a pressure at 25% in 24 hours).
  • Excellent dimensional stability (linear regression tests carried out in 24 hours at 70°C/160°F).
  • Excellent resistance to cold (if stressed, WEARLIGHT ® does not break even at low temperatures until -100°C/-150°F).
  • Maximum buoyancy.

WEARLIGHT ®’s  micro-chemical composition, composed by a compact reticle of closed and impermeable cells, has also technical features which satisfy specific needs such as:

  • Resistance to chlorine (for tank and swimming pool uses).
  • Resistance to sea salt (for nautical and maritime uses).
  • Resistance to ultraviolet rays (UV) and to atmospheric agents therefore little perishability (for all external uses).