DA.MA. & Co. Srl., founded in 1976 in Montegranaro as Suolificio Mazza by Dario Mazza, has gained a long experience in the production of bottom stocks for footwear, specializing in niche productions with refined materials. In particular, the company became popular for its handcrafted manufacture of crepe soles, a hard and complex production process, that has been perfected over the time by skilled and passionate workers.

In 1998 the will for renovation and growth brought the company to leave the place it was born in and to settle in a new property construction built on purpose. Production goals have also been revised and plastic material printing has been added to the historical handcrafted crepe, rubber and microporous creations.


This production as well, more markedly industrial, has been characterized by the will to stand out for peculiarity and high quality, in fact investments and researches have been conveyed to the molding of particular compound with E.V.A. (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) base modified through engages of light rubbers (very new on the market at that time), hard to manufacture but with great physical and mechanical features; extraordinary lightness, softness and resistance to abrasion.

“The extraordinary technical features of the material, combined with the long-time artisan experience of the production of bottom stocks for footwear, have been therefore summed up in WEARLIGHT® brand, to which the dynamic logo with a red W® has been matched, guaranteeing the high quality of our production for decades.”