Directions for gluing WEARLIGHT ® soles

For a perfect gluing we recommend  the following procedure studied in partnership with glue producing companies :

  • Card the sole. It is important to treat the sole within short time from the carding, we recommend you not to let pass more than 3-4 days, otherwise the sole could oxidize and consequently compromise gluing. If the sole has been carded for a long time, we suggest to wash it with antioxidant products fit for the purpose.
  • Treat the sole with EVA PRIMER + 5% RFE activator and wait 90 minutes.
  • Spread glue (better if polyurethane) on the sole and on the upper.
  • Let it dry for 25/30 minutes.
  • Light reactivation, gluing and pressing.


It is good, however, to speak to your glue provider’s technician, as we cannot take the responsibility  of the success of the procedures you are going to implement.

Warning: if the sole does not allow for a precise carding, we recommend a UV ray treatment at companies specializing in such an activity, which often deal with providing the item ready to be glued under the shoe.