WEARLIGHT compounds (E.V.A. + engages of light rubbers) are Aristotle's Substance: it is up to your needs and fantasy, together with our experience and technical skill, to give it the desired form and thus grab the essence of your market!

WEARLIGHT® is an innovative mix of E.V.A. and engages of light rubbers. It is specifically studied to produce expanded items that combine low densities of material (from 0.22 gr/cm3 to 0.45 gr/cm3) with remarkable physical and mechanical performances.

Given the great ductility and the various employment opportunities of the material, to better guide the client’s choice, we have identified 3 main lines of product. Each of them most highlights some Wearlight ®‘s features, in order to provide the maximum performance of the area of employment.

Wearlight ® - Standard compound with 0.35 gr/cm3 density, has a good manageability and resistance to abrasion; it is perfect for the production of bottom stocks for footwear, sandals and slippers and for the uses requiring light but resistant objects.

W2 Soft-Step ® - Compound created with the idea of substituting the rubber in all its areas of application: with a 0.45 gr/cm3 density, it has the same technical features of the ordinary rubber, but with the great advantage (the volume being equal) to weigh less than half!

W2 Super ® - Superlight compound (0.22 gr/cm3 density) is soft and elastic with an extraordinary memory return, it is brilliantly suitable for uses in which comfort is a need, perfect to combine with other stronger materials as well in order to obtain SUPER bi-density effect.