“All grown-ups were once children”

The Little Prince

by Antoine De Saint-Exupery

After having the intuition and committing time and passion to carry out your idea, you have to work in order to promote your own project.

To this purpose, Dario Mazza took part in his first fair in May 1998. As he wanted to present just this new WEARLIGHT product. Just before the event he had so much enthusiasm but only one item, so he thought to present it in an unconventional way. In order to highlight the peculiar feature of lightness, he arranged a kind of installation by putting inside a cage a sole with wings ready to take off!

The night before the fair, at dinner with the other exhibitors, he had talked about his idea, causing perplexity and hilarity among them, turned into mockery at the end of the night, when at the parking he had actually shown the cage.

After that, you can understand the doubts overtaking Dario and accompanying him all night…

The next morning, however, one of the exhibitors, coincidentally sleeping next to Dario’s hotel room, opened the windows screaming “WEARLIGHT!”.

That unexpected call inspired Dario with confidence because, despite the mockery, his brand and idea had cut a swath that it was shouted!


That way must be the right one and his sole with wings was the undisputed protagonist of that first fair.

Those wings brought so much good luck that they were immediately stylized into the dynamic red logo  (two pairs of wings crossing and flying towards the horizon) that still today characterize the quality of WEARLIGHT’s products.